International Payment Processing Questions

What countries does your payment gateway support for international payment processing?

While our specialty is North America (United Stated and Canada), we can also process transactions for various currencies of Latin American and European countries, as well as process transactions in Australia and New Zealand.

For scenarios when authorization is executed in local currency, but settlement is done in US dollars, we support a wide number of currencies. For authorization and support in local currency, as well as card present authorizations in local currencies (including PIN debit and EMV) our support is not as wide, but generally more significant than offered by our competition.

Contact us for the most up-to-date list of supported currencies and countries.

Does your payment gateway handle only credit cards and debit cards or can you do ACH?

We have full ACH support for US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. For other countries, we provide limited ACH processing through international ACH networks. Contact us with the currency or country you are interested in to get additional information about our international payment processing capabilities there.

Is your API unified across all countries and currencies or do you use multiple platforms?

All of the processing is handled by our enterprise-scale, unified, open source international payment gateway. There is only one API for both credit card, debit card, gift card and ACH processing, regardless of the currency, country and entry mode (swiped vs keyed) that you use. Single integration is all you will need to gain access to numerous processors and banks across the world.

Can you process directly with a bank or a credit card/debit card network?

We specialize in direct–to-processor integrations and have extensive experience working with various integration formats (including different flavors of ISO-8583 format). If your desired integration is not already present in our ever-expanding catalog of certifications, we will gladly build it for you.

Can I license and host your payment gateway?

Our payment gateway is a commercial open source international payment processing solution, which you can license in both binary and source forms and deploy into your own PCI compliant environment. Alternatively, we can connect you with our reliable hosting partners, who have our payment technology already deployed, and arrange a hosting agreement that fits your needs.

Can you help us with merchant services and local merchant support?

We are a payment technology company and do not provide such services directly. However, we have strong connections with various merchant services providers and large portfolio PSPs that will gladly assist you with both merchant underwriting and merchant service support in countries or time zones where you are not present.