International Payment Processing

What are the challenges of international payment processing?

Availability of an international payment processing solution in your service portfolio is surely desirable, but not easily attainable. Processing in a single country through multiple backend payment processors, banks and acquires is already a challenge due to differences in their integration APIs and transaction processing cycles. Accomplishing this task on international level, while maintaining a single payment gateway API for your customers, is extremely difficult. In addition to issues around incompatible payment systems, you now also have to deal with various local laws and regulations governing processing in a given country.

What is the best strategy for international payment processing solution?

Initially, you need to decide on two things:

First, do you need card not present solution only (e.g. you run online business) or do you need to process swipes and accept EMV cards. Card not present solutions tends to be more readily available and are somewhat easier to implement, while card present solutions include terminal hardware implementation, which is often governed by local laws and your local presence (as a legal entity within the country) might be required.

Second, do you need to authorize and settle in a local currency, or can you authorize in multiple currencies and settle in the currency of the country, where your core business is located. The latter approach is easier to accomplish, especially, if your business is in North America or Europe. The selection of currencies is very wide for such cases. Settlement in local currencies is more complicated, but surely possible, and is a must for PSPs that deal with local businesses, such as restaurants or health clubs.

What can our international payment gateway offer?

We offer a complete, multi-currency payment processing solution; an integrated and unified international payment system that your business can rely on. Our large development team works daily adding new integrations with various payment processors and banks worldwide to make it easier for you to access all of them through a single point of entry.

We handle both card present and card not present solutions and can support authorization and settlement in two currencies and in a single currency. You can also capitalize on our experience and connections in the industry to get very affordable rates on international merchant services, as well as customer service assistance in the countries where you are not physically present, but have a large customer base.

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