Payment Terminal Solution Features

If you are a merchant, you can expect your payment gateway to provide you with a whole set of terminal solution features. Maybe, at this very moment you are wondering if your current terminal solution is the optimal one for you.

Common payment types include swiped payment card transactions, RFID cards, gift cards, ACH, PIN debit, contact and contact-less EMV payments, as well as such mobile payment systems as Apple Pay and Google Wallet. If you want to accept and process various types of payments, you can hope that your terminal solution is capable of supporting all of them. If you experience problems with connection, the system must be capable of offline transaction processing. In October this year EMV standard must be supported by merchants across the USA. Consequently, it is critical for the payment gateway to be able to deal with EMV cards. The deadline was introduced by card associations (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover). After the deadline the least EMV-compliant link in the payment processing chain becomes liable for any violations witnessed during card-present transactions. Naturally, no one wants to be the guilty party, and that is why the payment gateway you are partnering with should be fully EMV compliant.

If you are selecting a payment terminal solution and need an advice, you can count on us. It will be a pleasure for specialists at International Payment Gateway to assist you in your search for the optimal terminal solution for your company and its particular tasks. You are welcome to contact us.