Powerful API

Accept credit cards in Europe? Process ACH in Australia? Authorize in Yen and settle in USD? Handle card present and card not present transactions?

Tap into the power of robust, unified electronic payment transactions processing API, which can offer all of these features and many more. Don’t spend any more time and money trying to figure out your international payment solution. We have it ready for you.

Integrate once, enjoy perpetually…

Tools for PSPs & ISOs

Manage large merchant portfolios? Handle different profiles, settings, MIDs and passwords across multitude of processing platforms and acquirers?

Take full controls of your backend processing. Organize your merchant portfolios and manage them through a single, easy-to-use, enterprise-scale system. Seamlessly integrate our payment solution into your existing payment system through API.

Commit once, benefit continuously…

Flexible Remittance

Hosted gateway margins getting too thin? Diversify through merchant services offering? Handle fees, statements and remittance?

We got you covered. Our multi-currency payment gateway comes with native support for merchant services automation. Support for blended rate and cost-plus. Flexible fee structures, professional merchant statements, automated funds remittance.

Choose once, win every day…

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International Payment Gateway

Joggling with multiple backbends for different countries and currencies is becoming tiring? Is complexity of international payment processing market holding you back?

Well... we can't change the world, but we can help you.

UniPay Payment Gateway can become a reliable foundation for your unified international payment solution, eliminating the need to handle multiple incoherent processing solutions, which are available in a given local market.

Our powerful processor agnostic architecture makes it possible for you to process all of your transactions (credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and ACH) in the same exact way, regardless of the currency, country or data entry mode.

Our payment gateway solution is completely open source and can be fully customized and extended. Our robust and flexible APIs are readily available for your software channel partners to integrate powerful international payment processing capabilities into their applications and websites.

Never have to deal with cross-country platform differences and incompatibilities. Stop overburdening your operations with difficulties of local currency processing regulations. Experience the true power of open source international payment gateway today!