UniPay Payment Gateway

With feature-rich functionality and a sleek, modern design, UniPay Payment Gateway is the expandable and customizablee payment gateway solution you need. There are other options, of course, but few of them are as flexible, scaleable and robust as Unipay’s payment transactions processing platform.

That’s because Unipay features multiple layers of functionality designed with your unique business needs in mind.

At the bottom layer, there’s a powerful payment gateway that’s integrated with a wide variety of processors directly. This layer includes a sturdy routing engine that’s configurable through web service calls. For both credit card and ACH transactions, you get a unified entry-point through API to most banks, credit card payment processors and more in North America and around the world.

On top of that is a customizable merchant remittance engine, a tool that offers complete credit card processing aggregation. UniPay gives you the tools you need to organize and manage your portfolio – from blended-rate to cost-plus pricing as well as daily deposits, flexible fee structures, automated reserves and more.

Then, there’s the recurring billing portion of the payment gateway software. UniPay makes past-due collections and other functions easier than every before. Supported options include month-to-month agreements, fixed-term contracts and many others. Plus, you can maintain multiple bank account options and credit card accounts for every customer account.

Additional advanced features include the ability to recover declined payments and fully integrate with skip tracing, decline recycling and credit bureau reporting tools. Can your current payment gateway software do that?

There’s no reason to settle for less when you deserve a complete solution. Your business needs the very best of everything to keep up with and excel past your competition, and you can’t afford to keep processing payments the same old way.

Plus, you and your staff deserve something that’s easy on the eyes. If you’re tired of those green and black mainframe screens or if the management of DLLs overburdens your operations, you’ll find that UniPay is a breath of fresh air that’s straight from the cloud. The front-end of this system is leading the way in design as well as functionality.

Great out of the box and even better when fully customized for your organization, the UniPay payment gateway is something extraordinary for your company that will save you time and hassles while helping you move ahead.

Flexible payment technology is available to you. Explore what UniPay can do for your company now. Contact us today.